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Clinical Updates

Mentors, Training and Sustainability: Developing Surgeon-Scientists

The ACS Advisory Council for General Surgery is a vehicle for communication between the ACS and subspecialty organizations. Programming at the ACS Clinical Congress to reflect important issues in surgery and/or surgical subspecialties can be highlighted through proposed Named Lectures, Town Hall Meetings, Meet-the-Expert Sessions, Didactic Sessions and Panel Sessions. This year, one of the ACGS-sponsored Panel Sessions in the 2020 virtual Clinical Congress, Cultivating the Next Generation of Surgeon-Scientists, has relevance to all surgical specialties.

Surgeon-scientists in the surgery workforce are critical to innovation, scholarship and advances in patient care. However, it has become increasingly challenging for surgeon-scientist trainees to find mentorship, acquire rigorous training over the course of a long educational pathway and sustain a surgeon-scientist professional career in an increasingly complex health care environment. Several articles published in prestigious surgical journals in recent years promote a Call to Action to avoid losing this critical component of the surgical workforce by actively recruiting, training, mentoring and diversifying the surgeon-scientist pipeline.

A panel of senior surgeon-scientists and resident research trainees will address key topics important to cultivating the next generation of surgeon-scientists, 2:00–2:55 pm Central time October 4. You are invited to join the discussion through a live virtual chat with the panelists. View the session agenda.

The ACS Advisory Council for General Surgery is a standing committee of the Board of Regents and is comprised of members who are liaisons representing a variety of national and regional surgical specialty organizations. View a full list of the ACS ACGS members.