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Surgeon and Reproductive Scientist Patricia Kilroy Donahoe, MD, FACS, Receives 2021 Jacobson Innovation Award

One of the world's most influential reproductive scientists, Patricia Kilroy Donahoe, MD, FACS, June 11 received the 2021 ACS Jacobson Innovation Award at a virtual event. Dr. Donahoe, a general and pediatric surgeon, is director of pediatric surgical research laboratories and chief emerita of pediatric surgical services at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), Boston.

This international surgical award honors surgeons who have been innovators of a new development or technique in any field of surgery and is made possible through a gift from Julius H. Jacobson II, MD, FACS, and his wife, Joan. Dr. Jacobson is a general vascular surgeon known for his pioneering work in microsurgery.

Dr. Donahoe is a leading expert in reproductive developmental biology and oncology. Her extraordinary career encompasses both pediatric surgery and lifelong innovative research, which has always been part of Dr. Donahoe's medical education and professional life. She performed research during medical school and throughout her surgical fellowship training in the laboratory of Judah Folkman, MD, FACS, at Boston Children's Hospital, as well as with W. Hardy Hendren III, MD, FACS, at MGH.

During her years as a junior faculty member at MGH, Dr. Donahoe began her pioneering ongoing research on Mullerian Inhibiting Substance (MIS), which has changed the way clinicians understand reproduction. MIS has clinical applications in the regulation of normal reproduction and a potential role in the control of ovarian and other reproductive tumors. Her pediatric surgical research led to a molecular understanding of the biology behind the development of reproductive structures and functions. MIS is a gonadal hormone that causes regression of the Mullerian ducts, the anlagen of the female internal reproductive structures, during male embryogenesis.

This research has been key to a more sophisticated understanding of the complications of disorders of sexual differentiation. Disorders/differences of sex development (DSDs) are rare congenital conditions that are seen when a baby is born with variations in either or both male and female reproductive organs, making it difficult to distinguish their naturally intended gender. These discoveries opened a new area of pediatric surgery. Thousands of children have benefitted from her research into the causes of these abnormalities.

Read more about Dr. Donahoe's life and career.

Available Now! View the Agenda for 2021 ACS Quality and Safety Conference VIRTUAL

Register today for the ACS Quality and Safety ConferenceRegister today for the 2021 ACS Quality and Safety Conference VIRTUAL, July 12–16. Registration is free-of-charge and available to all, and the agenda for the conference has just been released. Download the agenda and start planning your conference experience!

This conference is designed to equip all attendees with the tools and education to be leaders and innovators in the hospital and among their peers.

For those who lead and are involved with hospital quality programs, there will be relevant sessions to help you achieve the highest level quality at your institution, extending beyond the operating room to drive advancement across the health care system. The conference will include essential presentations on the principles of leadership, communication, standardization, and organizational and resource management.

Visit the conference website to learn more and register.

ACS COT Rural Trauma Committee Seeks Rural Health Professionals to Participate in New Opportunity

The ACS Committee on Trauma is seeking health care professionals with an understanding of the rural environment to participate in an exciting new opportunity with the COT Rural Trauma Committee.

The ACS COT Rural Trauma Committee is working to build representation and gather input from sources that are not traditionally a part of the COT structure. A recent COT membership survey indicated that the COT needs better representation of the rural perspective. To address this need, we are creating the ACS COT Rural Trauma Advisory Council.

The advisory council will be a multidisciplinary and multiregional group of 14–18 people that will serve as an advisory group to the Rural Trauma Committee and to the COT as a whole. The expectation is that this group will meet virtually before and after the spring and fall COT meetings.

We are targeting health care professionals representing the following groups:

  • Rural surgeons (who are NOT otherwise participating in the COT)
  • Rural ED physicians (emergency medicine or family practice)
  • Rural nursing (ED manager and so on)
  • Rural APP (nurse practitioner, physician assistant)
  • Rural EMS director
  • Rural state health department trauma program manager/administrator

Individuals interested in joining should complete this online nomination form for consideration to the Council by June 30.

The goal is to have the advisory council membership confirmed by summer. You are encouraged to share this information widely within your networks. For further questions, reach out to

Apply for Young Fellows Association Annual Mentorship Team Program by July 15

The Young Fellows Association (YFA) of the ACS is seeking applications from Fellows of the College who would like to apply for the year-long YFA Mentorship Program.

Mentoring teams are made up of the following three people:

  • Early career surgeon: An Associate Fellow (an ACS member out of training, but not yet a Fellow) or a young fellow in practice less than five years, who traditionally will serve as a mentee in this triad relationship
  • Mid-level career surgeon: A Young Fellow (an ACS Fellow under the age of 45) who might serve as a mentor to the early career surgeon and a mentee alongside an advanced professional
  • Advanced professional: An ACS Fellow who holds a leadership position within the ACS or an ACS Fellow who has been practicing for more than 10 years

The mentorship relationship will extend from October 2021 through October 2022.

We are seeking both mentors and mentees. Visit the YFA Mentorship web page for more details and to access links to the Mentor and Mentee applications. Applications are due July 15.

Questions can be directed to Alison Powers

Submit Applications for George H. A. Clowes, Jr., MD, FACS, Memorial Research Career Development Award

The application period is now open for the George H. A. Clowes, Jr., MD, FACS, Memorial Research Career Development Award. Offered through the generosity of The Clowes Fund, Inc., of Indianapolis, IN, this award provides support for the research of a promising young surgical investigator. The award consists of a stipend of $45,000 for each of five years and is not renewable thereafter.

Award Requirements

The award is restricted to a Fellow or Associate Fellow of the ACS who has completed an accredited residency in general surgery within the preceding seven years, not including time off for maternity leave, military deployment or medical leave, and has received a full-time faculty appointment at a medical school accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education in the U.S. or by the Committee for Accreditation of Canadian Medical Schools in Canada. The applicant's academic appointment may not be above the level of assistant professor. Applicants should provide evidence (by publication or otherwise) of productive initial efforts in laboratory research.

Visit the Clowes award web page for more information on requirements and how to apply.

Career Opportunities

New Career Opportunities: Chair of the Department of Surgery, Trauma Medical Director, and more

With the ACS Surgery Career Connection, you can search more than 1,000 surgeon-specific positions and submit your application. The ACS Surgery Career Connection site is the premier resource to connect highly qualified surgeons with the best career opportunities across the country. Find your next career opportunity. Log on today!

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