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Well-Being and Assistance

ACS Resources Can Help Lessen Lasting Impact of COVID-19

As cities, states, and countries take steps to reopen schools, restaurants, businesses, governments, and so on, the lasting impact of stress, anxiety, fear, fatigue, burnout, emotional depersonalization, and more caused by the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Well-being runs concurrent with the six phases of a pandemic framed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and often follows the Kübler-Ross Change Curve—manifesting in mental burnout, physical exhaustion, psychic trauma, illness, and more.

Traumatic experiences, like a loved one’s or colleague’s suicide, being subjected to intimate partner violence, and a victim of violence toward others, magnify the mental health issues associated with the pandemic.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect every aspect of life, the American College of Surgeons (ACS) remains committed to your well-being and providing resources and tools to support you as you continue to adjust life during the pandemic.

One step you can take today is to use the American College of Surgeons (ACS) Surgeon Well-Being Index. This video guide is a useful resource for understanding how to use the Well-Being Index. To start using the tool, Associate Fellows and Fellows can use the code fellow20 and resident surgeons can use the code resident20. As always, the Well-Being Index is 100 percent anonymous. Your information and score are private and your individual score will not be shared with anyone, including the ACS. Access for international members is not yet available.

Mental Health

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Intimate Partner Violence

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Diversity and Inclusion

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Pay Equity and Employment

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Health Care Workforce

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Health Care Leadership

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Mindfulness and Mental Health During COVID-19, Wednesday, June 3, 5:00 pm Central
Next Generation Medicine: Well-Being & Resilience During COVID-19, hosted by UW-Gonzaga Medicine, Wednesday, May 27, 6:00−7:00 pm Pacific