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Self-Care: Integrating Your Work and Personal Time

As the world marked one year from the first COVID-19 infections, the health care workforce continues to struggle with burnout, moral injury, psychological trauma and the effects of job and financial security. Prioritizing self-care can seem daunting amidst long work hours, stressful shifts, competing priorities with professional and personal commitments and concerns for family and friends. Often, the feeling of wishing there was more time in the day surfaces resulting in feeling like you are unable get everything done or give your tasks and goals the attention they deserve.

Instead of searching for more time in your day, start looking for how you can use your time differently. The concept of work-life integration offers a framework to look at your day and how to integrate your work commitments, personal commitments and leisure activities that increase your well-being.

To start, revisit your calendar and consider putting your out-of-work priorities—such as dinner, exercise, reading, and/or other activities that are important to you—on your schedule. Research shows that putting these priorities on your calendar makes them much more likely to happen. This approach to scheduling also allows the opportunity to remain committed to boundaries to prioritize your time, self-care and well-being. Remember to complement your schedule with significant others and/or family to ensure you prioritize the needs of you and your family. 

Manage Microaggressions: Learn How in February 18 ACS Surgeon Well-Being Program Webinar

Managing Microaggressions: What to Do When It Gets Personal Webinar SeriesThe ACS Surgeon Well-being Program invites you to join the first webinar in a two-part series, "Managing Microaggressions: What to Do When It Gets Personal," 3:30–4:45 pm CT on February 18. This webinar will feature a panel of experts exploring the relationship between microaggressions and surgeon well-being. In the first webinar, a panel of speakers will discuss various types of microaggressions; how microaggressions affect many populations, both nationally and internationally; the cumulative effect of microaggressions; and an introduction to management and coping strategies. The second webinar will discuss the management and coping strategies when facing microaggressions as the receiver and upstander.

Read more about the Managing Microaggressions: What to Do When It Gets Personal webinar and register today.

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