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Dr. Landström (center, in fatigues) in Afghanistan in 2010, with orthopaedic resident Abdul Ateef Ghafoor, MD.

The Military category of this award is intended to recognize active-duty Fellows who have performed volunteer and/or humanitarian activities beyond the course of assigned military duties. Activities within the scope of this award are usually performed while in a leave status or permissive temporary duty; however, occasionally discretionary—not mandatory—temporary duty status may qualify a military surgeon for consideration. Assigned duties during deployments, while very important, are beyond the scope of this award.

Award Winners

Zsolt T. Stockinger (2017)

Jerone T. Landström (2013)

Michael W. Cruz (2010)

Vance J. Moss and Vincent L. Moss (2009)

Thomas G. Crabtree (2007)