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2004 International Volunteer Award: Theodore J. Dubuque

Theodore J. Dubuque, Jr., MD, FACS, former president of the CRUDEM (Center for the Rural Development of Milot) Foundation, was the 2004 recipient of the ACS Surgical Volunteerism Award, sponsored by the Pfizer Medical Humanities Initiative. Dr. Dubuque was first recruited to the impoverished village of Milot, Haiti in 1986 to serve as a volunteer surgeon through the Catholic Medical Mission Board. Dr. Dubuque arrived in Haiti at propitious time, the new hospital had just been built. Previously the medical facility in Milot had been just a 12-bed clinic. During his first visit to Haiti, which lasted six months, Dr. Dubuque inaugurated the operating room and established surgical capabilities at the hospital. Through his dedication to the people of Milot and the CRUDEM Foundation, which Dr. Dubuque founded with St. Louis businessman Carlos Reese, Dr. Dubuque returned to Milot several times each year. His commitment to make numerous visits enabled him to equip and oversee the development of the operating room at what was to become a multi-specialty 54-bed facility, Hospital Sacre Coeur. Dr. Dubuque's ubiquitous involvement in every area from fund-raising to staffing and training Haitian physicians and other hospital employees to recruiting hundreds of volunteers has resulted in a self-sustaining, highly regarded health care facility that is also the region's largest employer.

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