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2012 Surgical Humanitarian Award: Catherine R. deVries

Dr. deVries (center) with Drs. Africa Gasana (left) and Mbassi Achille at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center in Moshi, Tanzania.

Catherine R. deVries, MD, FACS, FAAP, of Salt Lake City, UT, has dedicated her career to improving urological care around the world. In 1994, after working with other organizations, Dr. deVries founded International Volunteers in Urology (since renamed IVUmed), the first not-for-profit organization specifically focused on teaching urology in resource-poor settings. Using a comprehensive, sustainable approach adaptable to many settings and cultures, IVUmed oversees highly skilled professional teams that train physicians and nurses throughout Asia, Africa, and the Americas in almost all areas of urology. IVUmed has worked in more than 30 countries to develop independent surgical programs that expand IVUmed’s training on a local level. In addition to leading IVUmed, Dr. deVries’s deep commitment to the development of sustainable global surgery is reflected in her work as the founding director of the Center for Global Surgery and professor of surgery and public health at the University of Utah School of Medicine, as well as her active involvement in numerous global surgery initiatives.