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Dr. Saksena during postoperative rounds with a patient in Mauritius

The ACS/Pfizer Surgical Humanitarian Award is given "In recognition of those surgeons who have dedicated a substantial portion of their career to ensuring the provision of surgical care to underserved populations without expectation of commensurate reimbursement."

This award is intended to honor an ACS Fellow who has dedicated a significant portion of his or her surgical career to full-time or nearly full-time humanitarian efforts rather than routine surgical practice. This effort may reflect a career dedicated to "missionary surgery," the founding and ongoing operations of a charitable organization dedicated to providing surgical care to the underserved, or a retirement characterized by surgical volunteer outreach. Having received compensation for this work does not preclude a nominee from consideration, and, in fact, may be expected based on the extent of the professional obligation.

Award Winners

Donald E. Meier (2019)

Devendra S. Saksena (2019)

Nandakumar C. Menon (2018)

Roland R. Stephens (2018)

Robert Cropsey (2017)

Francis Robicsek (2017)

Rebekah A. Naylor (2016)

Dan Poenaru (2015)

Harry S. Brown (2014)

Donald R. Laub, Sr. (2013)

Catherine R. deVries (2012)

Russell E. White (2012)

Louis L. Carter (2011)

Richard S. Bransford (2010)

Edgar Rodas (2009)

Guy Theodore (2008)