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2008 Domestic Volunteer Award: Joseph A. Gurri

Dr. Gurri at work

Joseph A. Gurri , MD, FACS, of Melbourne Beach, FL, was selected as the recipient of the 2008 Surgical Volunteerism Award for domestic outreach in recognition of extensive work in his local community. In 1980, upon arriving in Brevard County as a young surgeon, Dr. Gurri reached out to migrant workers in the area, calling upon his fluency in Spanish to help them with their health care needs. In 1992, when the local hospital launched a system of free clinics, Dr. Gurri immediately offered his services as a surgical volunteer. Assessing gaps in available care, Dr. Gurri created a successful program for the identification, education, treatment, and follow-up of women with breast cancer at the Brevard Health Alliance Breast Cancer Clinic, resulting in complete access to breast health services for the women of Brevard County. Through this and similar programs over nearly three decades, Dr. Gurri has proved to be a champion in providing surgical care to the uninsured and the less fortunate.