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Become a Mentee

How to Apply

The Young Fellows Association (YFA) is seeking applications from members of the College who would like to apply for the YFA Speed Mentoring Program. This is an opportunity to talk to up to five individuals during a one-hour session. We are mentees for this exciting program.


August 1

Application Process

Applicants should be members of the College who are Residents or Associate Fellows. Applicants in need of mentorship in the following subjects should apply:

  • "Finding a job" or "Negotiating a contract"
  • "Academic career" or "Private practice"
  • "Work life balance" or "Surgical career and parenting"
  • "How to get involved in the ACS" or "How to develop leadership skills"
  • "Research career" or "Teaching career"


  • Be on time to attend the event
  • Come to the meeting prepared with five questions—one from each of the provided subject pairs—to initiate a ten minute conversation with each of five mentors
  • Complete an evaluation at the conclusion of the program

Application Requirements

  • Contact information
  • Statement of purpose for attending the session

The application site will open in Summer 2018.