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Privacy Information for the Physician Well-Being Index

When providing information to set up your account in the Physician Well-Being Index, the system will ask for a minimal amount of information to allow for customization of the scores and results to your situation. The system uses an algorithm to generate results based on the information provided. You will also be asked for your e-mail address, which is used for subsequent logins to the secure system and to also send you automated reminders when it is time for you to reassess and see how your well-being has changed.

Your information also contributes to the anonymous, aggregate reports of overall surgeon well-being based on the different demographic groups (for example, specialty, gender). This information is used by leadership at the American College of Surgeons to better understand which groups—rather than individuals—may be experiencing issues so that appropriate programs and resources can be designed. System administrators do not have access to e-mail addresses or demographic information for an individual user.