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Education Committee


Cassie Sonntag, MD


Kaitlin Ritter, MD

About Us

The Education Committee is one of the four standing committees of the Resident and Associate Society of the American College of Surgeons (RAS-ACS). We are committed to promoting and advancing interests pertaining to the education of surgical residents, Fellows, and associates. Involvement within this committee provides you opportunities to work and become acquainted with other residents, Fellows, and associates from other institutions interested in surgical education, to discuss salient issues in surgical education, and to promote ideas and develop projects that advance surgical education.


  • Plan and coordinate Surgical Jeopardy at the American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress
  • Assist in authoring articles for the Bulletin of the American College of Surgeons
  • Develop and maintain the Surgical Jeopardy toolkit for use at local ACS chapters with the goal of increasing resident participation in local ACS chapters.

Current Projects

  • Surgical skills competition, So You Think You Can Operate? at Clinical Congress annually
  • Surgical Jeopardy for chapters
  • Electronic Medical Record Survey
  • Panel Sessions for Clinical Congress
  • Landmark Papers online Journal Club, subcommittee of Behind the Knife Podcast

Contact us at for more information or to join this committee.