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How to Get Involved

There are multiple avenues to get involved with the RAS-JACS Journal Club.

Join the Discussion

The easiest way is to participate during online voting and the journal club discussion. Remember that the articles being discussed are based on input from RAS followers, so don’t hesitate to vote for an article that pertains to your clinical interest. Voting is only available through Twitter and requires a Twitter account. However, the discussion is publicly viewable through the Facebook page and @RASACS Twitter account. #RASJACS can be used to locate journal club related content on Twitter, and there are also designated hashtags for each of the discussion topics. ACS Communities users can access the discussion as well. Visit the Current Discussion or Past Discussion pages for the relevant information.

Become a Reviewer

If you are a RAS member who is interested in taking on a more active role within the journal club, we have a committee of up to 30 individuals who review JACS articles and develop discussion topics as well as stimulate discussion across platforms. Article reviewers serve a term of two years, and terms can be renewed if positions are available. If you are interested in joining the RAS-JACS team as an article reviewer, please e-mail To be an article reviewer, you must be a RAS member and have a Facebook and Twitter account.

Serve on the RAS-JACS Executive Committee

Members of the RAS-JACS article review group will have the opportunity to become a member of the Executive Committee of the RAS-JACS Journal Club, which includes positions of Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary. Executive Committee duties include effectively communicating with the RAS Communications Committee and the JACS Editorial Board—who oversee the activity of the RAS-JACS Journal Club—and by coordinating the processes required for journal club article selection and discussion. Both the Chair and Vice-Chair positions are appointed as RAS liaisons to the JACS Editorial Board and require annual reporting to RAS and JACS leadership at the annual ACS Clinical Congress.