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Italian Scholar Laura Bersigotti Attends Her First Clinical Congress

I attended the ACS Clinical Congress last October 22–26 in San Diego as recipient of the 2017 ACS Italian Chapter Traveling Scholarship. It represented a great opportunity for me to meet other residents and get to know their experiences in their own residency programs. Moreover this meeting was an unique moment to gather different personalities of the international surgical scene and to get in contact with them. I participated as an auditor in several sessions and each panelist focused on very interesting topics. Both video and panel sessions provided a chance to debate on many issues and it contributed to improve my knowledge and enrich my surgical experience.

I am grateful for this amazing and very eye-opening experience. I cannot wait to attend the ACS annual meeting in Boston next year.

Laura Bersigotti, MD, is a general surgery resident at Sapienza Universita di Roma, Rome, Italy.