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This program provides three U.S. members of the Resident and Associate Society of the American College of Surgeons (RAS-ACS) an opportunity to travel to one of three countries to attend that country’s surgical society meeting and learn about the surgical opportunity and system abroad.


About the Program

This program took root in 2011 initially through the ACS International Relations Committee. RAS-ACS currently coordinates exchanges with Australia, Ireland, and Italy.

Generous Support

This opportunity is made possible by the generosity of the RAS-ACS. The participants will be given a stipend and the airfare will be covered. This program is reciprocated with the participating host nations. This is a great opportunity to foster international relations and promote international friendship.

Scholar Reports

Anthony Feghali Shares His Experiences in Surgical Education with ACS Italy Chapter

Joe Forrester Focuses on Sustainable Overseas Collaborations

Shirley Potter Enjoys Excellent Exchange Experience at Clinical Congress

Christine Goh Focuses on Resident Training at Clinical Congress

Andrea Peloso Aims to Achieve the Best Practical Care

Edward Shipper Observes Training Paradigms in Australia

Laura Goodman Visits ACS-Italy Chapter and Observes Italian Training

Tarik Sammour Shares Excellent Clinical Congress Experience

Giammauro Berardi Recounts His Time at Clinical Congress

Shane Morrison on Global Surgery at Clinical Congress 2015

Rory Kennelly Shares His Clinical Congress Highlights

Ammara Abbasi Watkins Shares Her Experience in Australia

Ali Zarrinpar Sees Duty-Hour Restrictions in Italy

Leigh Anne Dageforde Shares Her Visit to Ireland

David Hampton Sees Similar Residency Challenges in Lebanon Amongst Unfamiliar War Challenges