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Realize the Potential of Your Profession and join the more than 58,000 surgeons in becoming a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.

Please note: If you are an internationally trained surgeon practicing in the United States or Canada or an oral maxillofacial surgeon, you must request a waiver BEFORE you apply. Read additional information about Waivers for ACS Fellowship.

Here's What You'll Need to Apply

  • Your current contact information
  • Confirmation that you have completed a minimum of one-year of practice since completion of all formal training
  • Information about your medical education, residency, and any surgical training beyond residency
  • Details about your medical license
  • Certification by an American Surgical Specialty Board which is a member of the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) or an American Osteopathic Surgical Specialty Board, or an appropriate specialty certification by the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada
  • A current appointment on the surgical staff of a hospital
  • The names of five Fellows of the College who can serve as references for you (two from your specialty and three from your geographic area)
  • A current Curriculum Vitae (CV)

2018 Applications are now closed.

Apply now to become a Fellow in 2019—Application deadline is December 1, 2018

If you are an existing ACS member or created a log in from a prior purchase, use your log in to access the application. Otherwise you will need to create a log in.

Once You Apply

  • You'll become an Associate Fellow member of the College while your application is being processed. (You cannot use the FACS designation in this category.) More details will be sent once you submit your application.
  • The Fellowship application process can take up to one year.
  • You will be contacted throughout the application process to:
    • Provide any missing information and update you on your application status
    • Provide a 12-month list of your surgical cases
    • Participate in an interview with a College committee in your local area

For more details, review the Fellowship Requirements.

For questions or to request your log in information, contact or call 1-800-293-9623

International surgeons, please visit the International Fellows page to apply.


Information about Waivers for ACS Fellowship

Waivers must be received by November 1 of the given year.

Waivers are required if:

  • You are working in the U.S. or Canada but were internationally trained or do not have U.S. board certification.
  • You are a dual degree oral and maxillofacial surgeon without ABMS board certification.
  • You are a single-degree (DDS/DMD) oral and maxillofacial surgeon.