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Governors Chapter Activities Workgroups

Governors Chapter Activities International Workgroup

The Governors Chapter Activities International Workgroup was formed to provide improved collaboration within the American College of Surgeons (ACS) for international colleagues worldwide to support the mission of the College. The International Workgroup functions as a committee of the ACS Board of Governors, aligned with the Member Services Pillar, and serves as an advocate for ACS international chapters. The group encourages activities that provide fellowship and collegial support for International Fellows. The Governors assigned to this workgroup meet via conference call and during face-to-face meetings held at Clinical Congress. The chair of the International Workgroup has implemented a new structure within the committee that includes organizing the workgroup Governors into four Regions, along with designated chairs or “Region Chiefs.” The Region Chiefs are responsible for increasing the interaction between Governors and Fellows who reside in their designated areas of the world.

International Workgroup Members

Governors Chapter Activities Domestic Workgroup

The Governors Chapter Activities Domestic Workgroup serves as an advocate for ACS chapters within the United States and Canada. The workgroup assists ACS chapters with implementing and promoting College programs in an effort to carry out the College’s mission on the state or provincial level. In 2013, four subcommittees were created within the Domestic Workgroup, each with a unique focus. Specifically, these groups of three to five Governors address challenging issues such as advising chapters in need, chapter best practices (through PowerPoint presentations delivered at Clinical Congress), the feasibility of centralized chapter dues collection, and the development of a Domestic/International Chapter Partner Program. The workgroup also includes up to five volunteer consultants who are chapter executives/administrators from domestic ACS chapters. Qualifications for serving as a volunteer consultant include having an interest, and the ability, to support the activities and programs of the Domestic Chapter Workgroup.

Domestic Workgroup Members

For more information about the Governors Chapter Activities Domestic or International Workgroups, please contact Donna Tieberg, Chapter Services Manager, at or 312-202-5361.