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Understanding the Chapters’ Role in the Applicant Interview Process

Candice ChurchTuesday, November 15
11:00–11:30 am (Central)

Presented by Candace Church, Supervisor, Committees on Applicants, ACS Division of Member Services

The Committees on Applicants are the local interviewing committees of the College. Each committee is responsible for investigating, interviewing, and evaluating the applicants for Fellowship in the American College of Surgeons (ACS) in their local area and for providing the College with a recommendation as to each applicant’s eligibility for Fellowship.

This webinar will provide chapter leaders with a general overview of these Committees, including how they are structured and their responsibilities. In addition, information will be provided as to how the Chapters can have input into the membership of the committees and participate in the interview process.

Learning Objectives

  • Provide an overview of the workings of the Committees on Applicants and of the timeframe in which they work.
  • Learn ways in which your Chapter can have input into the make-up of the Committees on Applicants.
  • Learn ways in which your chapter can participate in the Committees' work.

More about Candace Church

Candace Church, a magna cum laude graduate of West Virginia University's School of Journalism, has worked for the ACS for 35 years. She has worked in various capacities in the Division of Member Services, primarily working with the Committees on Applicants.

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