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Best Practices to Keep Chapters Running Smoothly

Tuesday, October 2, 2012, 2:30–4:00 pm
Sponsored by the Governors Committee on Chapter Relations (GCCR)
Location: McCormick Place Convention Center—Room W-180

Chapter leaders serving on the GCCR developed a series of four best practices concerning fundamental goals designed to keep chapters running smoothly and to provide real value to their members. These best practices increase chapter effectiveness and support the overall goals of the College.

Future and current chapter leaders were encouraged to attend. In addition, executive staff, officers, and board members of surgical specialty societies, especially those organized with regional or state chapters, also found these best practices applicable to the operation of their chapters. Focus on chapter support included the following best practices:

Financial Control Is Easy!
This session reviewed basic financial concepts as they relate to fiscal health, the value of non-dues revenue to a chapter’s balance sheet, and the importance of linking financial success to chapter effectiveness.
John Rioux, MD, FACS, Florida Chapter
David Dexter, MD, FACS, Northwest Pennsylvania Chapter

Getting Residents Involved!
Chapter leaders know that the involvement of young surgeons and residents is critically important for robust, relevant chapters. This session focused on programs and activities that have proved successful across several chapters.
S. Rob Todd, MD, FACS, New York Chapter/Manhattan Council
George Alsop, MD, FACS, South Texas Chapter
Greg Cherr, MD, FACS, Western New York Chapter

The New Membership Benefit: Providing Self-Assessment CME for Members’ MOC
Learn how ACS chapters can assist members with the recertification requirements for Maintenance of Certification (MOC). This overview showcased the procedures needed to provide an excellent value of ACS chapter membership. 
Joel Lafleur, MD, FACS, Maine Chapter
William Hawkins, MD, FACS, Missouri Chapter
Eric Matayoshi, MD, FACS, Hawaii Chapter

Strategic Planning? Strategic Future!
Strategic planning, which includes missions statements, goals, objectives, and linking chapters’ strengths with opportunities, were presented.
Lisa Bailey, MD, FACS, Northern California Chapter
Daniel Johnson, MD, FACS, Illinois Chapter
Bruce Waring, MD, FACS, Colorado Chapter