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Chapter Partner Program (CPP 2.0)


The ACS Chapter Partner Program is an outstanding opportunity for surgeons around the world to get together and share their knowledge and history under the ACS emblem. As a member of the ACS International Relations Committee (IRC), I support the program because it perfectly matches the goals of the IRC. This is a great opportunity for the ACS Italy Chapter because it brings top U.S. surgeons to Italy, exponentially increasing the prestige of the meeting. We can also exchange visiting students and surgeons—even now one of our medical students is visiting Massachusetts General Hospital, which has been an outstanding result of this program. - Giuseppe R. Nigri, MD, PhD, FACS, FRCS, FASCRS

Program Background

The ACS Governors Chapter Activities Domestic and International Workgroups launched the Chapter Partner Program (CPP) in March 2014.

Some of the benefits to chapter partners include:

  • Expanding relationships among Fellows and other members
  • Enhancing the Clinical Congress experience
  • Exciting collaboration and exchange of ideas
  • Strengthening of ACS Chapters globally

Because of the positive response to the first phase of the CPP, the program is enhancing and is now the Chapter Partner Program 2.0! 

How CPP 2.0 Works

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  • Each chapter will elect or assign a chapter councilor to be the chapter’s CPP Ambassador.
  • Ambassadors will communicate with each other, and check in with College staff periodically, to help keep the partnership thriving.
  • There will be three (3) levels of partnership. All three (3) levels are valuable! Many chapters will want to progress and move beyond the first and second levels.


  • CPP Ambassadors chosen for each chapter of the partnership
  • Members from both chapters meet up at Clinical Congress
  • Chapters collaborate year round to keep the partnership thriving


  • Fulfill Silver Partnership goals
  • Partner on an Enhanced Collaboration Project—some ideas include creating a humanitarian goal, research goal, creating a travel scholarship
  • Joint web meeting between both chapters


  • Fulfill both Silver and Gold Partnership goals
  • Have a joint meeting  of chapter members, scheduled and planned, for either chapter’s location

3 Simple Steps to Get Started

  1. Present the CPP plan to your chapter council.
  2. Your council elects a Chapter Ambassador.
  3. Choose your top three (3) chapters to collaborate with from a list of available chapters.

Next Steps

  • ACS Staff will help to coordinate pairings and offer assistance as needed.
  • Be ready for exciting collaborations, new friendships, and a new global experience!

For more information about the program, please contact Luke Moreau, Chapter Services Manager, at or 312-202-5737.