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Step 1: Prior to the Meeting

To begin the Chapter CME processes please submit the following:

CME Activity Form

  • This document must be completed and returned to prior to the start of your planning process. The required CME Credit Application and other documents needed to apply for accreditation will be sent upon the review of the CME Activity Form.

Completed Planning Committee Disclosure Forms

  • Disclosure forms must be completed by each individual who had input in the planning process prior to the start of the first planning meeting.

A completed Chapters’ CME Application Form

  • Note: Applications received fewer than 90 days prior to a meeting will not be processed and will not be eligible for American College of Surgeons (ACS) CME credit. All supporting documents must be included when submitting the application form. Applications that are missing supporting materials, or contain incomplete supporting materials, will not be accepted or reviewed.
  • If a Resident Paper Competition will be presented at the meeting, please submit the titles for papers as well as the names of presenters.
  • Samples of well-written Practice Gaps for your reference: [1] | [2]

Planning Meeting Minutes

  • Minutes should illustrate how programming was developed for the event, a theme or CME topics selected, speakers selected, and so forth. (Include examples on website

Exhibitor Prospectus

  • If you will be applying for educational grants or marketing support for the meeting, the Exhibitor Prospectus (or any mailings, letters, etc.) that will be sent to commercial companies must be approved by the ACS prior to distribution (submit to Please refer to the Commercial Support Guidelines for information and rules regarding educational grants versus marketing support.

Optional: To include Self-Assessment (SA) activity at a chapter event, please follow the instructions below:

Self-Assessment Questions

  • SA credits pertain to Maintenance of Certification (MOC) requirements through the American Board of Surgery. Once an application is completed and approved by the ACS Division of Education, CME credit will be assigned to the activity.
  • SA credits are not mandatory for the awarding of chapter CME.
  • If your application indicates that Self-Assessment is requested, the post-test questions must be submitted in their entirety at least one month prior to the activity, using the attached template. Please note that following parameters are required:

    American Board of Surgery MOC Part 2 changes now in effect (July 2017):

    • The American Board of Surgery requirement for fulfillment of MOC Part 2 is the completion of a minimum of 150 hours of AMA PRA Category1 Credit™ over a five year cycle.
    • At least 50 of the 150 hours must include a Self-Assessment activity—a written Q&A exercise (paper or online) that assesses the surgeon’s ability to retain the knowledge gained during the CME activity.
    • A score of 75 percent or higher must be attained on the Self-Assessment exercise. Multiple attempts are permitted. SA Credit will not be provided to those who do not achieve a minimum of 75 percent on the posttest.

    Important: Self-Assessment Question Requirements

    • A minimum of 4 questions per SA credit hour is required.
    • Twenty-five percent (25%) of questions must be case-based in order to measure competence (knowledge in action).
    • The questions should be formulated in the planning stages of the activity in order to cover all materials presented. In addition, the number of questions required per credit hour can change if there are more than 4 presenters. In that case, each presenter must submit a question (e.g., 6 presenters in 1.0 credit hour = 6 questions, 1 of which must be case-based.)
    • Each question should have 4–5 possible answer choices. The following are not acceptable answer choices: True-False, “All of the Above,” and “None of the Above” or something similar in nature.
    • SA posttests must be completed within 10 calendar days of the conclusion of the CME activity.
    • Learners must obtain a performance level of at least 75 percent on the SA posttest. If 75 percent is not achieved, the learner must have the option to retake the posttest in order to receive the SA credit.
    • The Attendance List spreadsheet now contains an additional column for SA credit earned. This list is due within 30 calendar days of the conclusion of the activity.

    After all CME materials have been reviewed and approved by the ACS, an e-mail of approval will be sent to the submitter. Please read the entire message when receiving this e-mail.