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Chapters' CME Procedures Overview

CME Checklist

Self-Assessment Guidelines

Guidelines for Writing Case Presentations

Guidelines for Writing Multiple-Choice Questions

Checklist for Reviewing Multiple-Choice Items

Steps to Certification of Chapter CME Activities

Chapter executives/administrators, or chapter program committee chairs/officers, are responsible for the entire content of chapter continuing medical education (CME) programs. When another society is invited to contribute to a chapter’s scientific program, the administrator/program committee chair must ensure that the planning is done in compliance with chapter CME requirements, including verifying that planning committee disclosure forms are signed prior to the first planning meeting. Requirements also include supplying meeting minutes/narrative that details the planning of the CME portion(s) of the meeting.

Please use the CME checklist outlined on the following pages as a guide to completing the requirements for each step of the chapter CME process. Return all forms to:

Continuous Professional Development Accreditation (CPDA) Team