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Resident and Associate Society (RAS)

The Resident and Associate Society of the American College of Surgeons is the only national surgical organization devoted to the concerns and needs of surgical residents and young surgeons. RAS is comprised of two groups: 1) Trainees (residents and fellows) in surgical training in all specialties; and 2) Associate Fellows, who are practicing surgeons who have completed training but who are not yet eligible for ACS Fellowship.

RAS-ACS has a four-part mission:

  1. To develop and promote young surgeon-focused College programs.
  2. To provide an avenue for leadership and engagement within the ACS.
  3. To support the professional development of young surgeons through scholarships and research fellowships.
  4. To provide networking and mentorship opportunities for young surgeons and surgeons-in-training.

RAS membership on Chapter Councils is a priority initiative of the Board of Governors and ACS. Why should I have a RAS member on my Chapter Council?

  1. To gain the fresh perspective of surgeons in training and surgeons new to practice.
  2. To create a pathway for young members to join and remain an active part of your Chapter.
  3. To promote peer-to-peer recruitment and distribution of information regarding the activities of the Chapter to trainees and young surgeons in practice.
  4. To aid in the development of the future leaders of your Chapter and the American College of Surgeons.
  5. To bring the energy and enthusiasm of the young surgeon to your Chapter’s meetings and activities.
  6. To contribute to the planning of resident focused events such as Surgical Jeopardy and poster competitions.

For more information on RAS-ACS, please visit the College’s Resident and Associate Society web page.