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Montana and Wyoming Chapter

Montana and Wyoming Chapter

Meeting Information

Chapter Meeting: January 22-24, 2016

Sun Valley, ID,
United States

Contact Cyan R. Sportsman
Phone 406-829-0662


Cyan R Sportsman
Executive Director|01/01/2011 - 01/01/2050

Glenn Allen Winslow, MD FACS
President|02/01/2014 - 12/31/2015

Garth Alan Olds, MD FACS
Secretary|02/01/2012 - 03/28/2016

Sara L. Hartsaw, MD FACS
HPAC Region Chief|10/01/2011 -

James A. Anderson, MD FACS
Governor|10/16/2009 - 10/08/2015

Charles Jackson Swannack, MD FACS
Governor|10/16/2009 - 10/08/2015

Brock A. Anderson, MD FACS
COT State Provincial Chair|05/19/2014 - 05/19/2020

John Bradley Pickhardt, MD FACS
COT State Provincial Chair|04/20/2012 - 04/20/2018