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Maryland Chapter

Maryland Chapter functions through the coordinated activity of its individual members, for the support and improvement of the practice of surgery in the state. With the help of an executive director, the Chapter relies completely on the energy and initiative of interested Maryland surgeons. We welcome the participation of any interested individuals.

722 Dulaney Valley Rd., #385
Towson MD, 21204
United States


Theda Christine Kontis, MD FACS
Specialty Society Governor|10/07/2015 - 10/24/2018

Francis Steven Rotolo, MD FACS
Governor|10/07/2015 - 10/24/2018

John Louis Zapas, MD FACS
Governor|10/29/2014 - 10/25/2017

Edward C. McCarron, MD FACS
President Elect|06/01/2015 - 08/31/2016

Mark Richard Katlic, MD MMM FACS
Secretary/Treasurer|06/01/2015 - 08/31/2016

Jennifer Starkey
Executive Director|05/01/2011 - 05/01/2050

Leonard J. Weireter Jr., MD FACS
HPAC Region Chief|10/01/2011 -

Francesco Grasso, MD FACS
Governor|10/05/2012 - 10/24/2018

Vinay Kumar Gupta, MD FACS
CoC State Chair|01/01/2012 - 07/01/2018

Dany Westerband, MD FACS
COT State Provincial Chair|05/04/2010 - 06/30/2016