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Northern California Chapter

The Northern California Chapter of the American College of Surgeons extends from the Oregon border, between the Pacific Ocean and Nevada, across the state of California to the San Joaquin Valley. Within this broad geographic territory reside six surgical training programs, located at the University of California-Davis, Alameda County Medical Center/University of California-SF East Bay, Stanford University, University of California-SF Fresno, San Joaquin General, and the University of California-San Francisco. Clinical programs within chapter boundaries span the spectrum of surgical private practice, academic medical centers, Veteran’s and military hospitals, and health maintenance organizations. Chapter members provide invaluable services to the public, highlighted by the successful emergency and trauma surgical care delivered in 12 Bay Area hospitals to the 181 passengers of the Asiana Airlines incident in August of 2013. The Chapter also provides a special service by collaborating with elected officials at the state capitol in Sacramento on different legislative agendas. The state capitol is located within the Chapter’s boundaries. The Northern California Chapter welcomes attendees to the ACS 2014 Clinical Congress, which will be located in San Francisco. To register for the upcoming Clinical Congress please visit

Northern California Chapter of the American College of Surgeons
PO Box 782
Pacifica CA, 94044
United States


Christina McDevitt
Executive Director|08/01/2011 - 08/01/2050

Christina Lynn Maser, MD FACS
Secretary|07/01/2013 - 07/30/2016

Albert Man-Chung Kwan, MD FACS
HPAC Region Chief|10/01/2011 -

Gregg Allen Adams, MD FACS
Governor|10/05/2012 - 10/08/2015

Diana Lee Farmer, MD, FACS, FRCS
Governor|10/05/2012 - 10/08/2015

Pascal R. Fuchshuber, MD PhD FACS
Governor|10/29/2014 - 10/25/2017

John Edward Garry, MD FACS
Governor|10/16/2009 - 10/08/2015

Jon M. Greif, DO FACS
Governor|10/16/2009 - 10/08/2015

Krista L. Kaups, MD, MSc, FACS
Governor|10/13/2006 - 10/31/2016

John Magana Morton, MD FACS
Specialty Society Governor|10/29/2014 - 10/25/2017

Samuel Cherukara Oommen, MD FACS
Governor|10/05/2012 - 10/08/2015

David Alan Spain, MD, FACS
Governor|10/05/2012 - 10/08/2015

Jefferson Augusto Bastidas, MD FACS
CoC State Chair|01/01/2011 - 07/01/2017

Gregory P. Victorino, MD FACS
COT State Provincial Chair|05/19/2014 - 05/19/2020

Sterling Lee Humphrey, MD
RAS Chapter Representative|07/01/2013 - 08/01/2015

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