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Arizona Chapter

The Arizona Chapter of the American College of Surgeons works hard to represent all surgeons in the state of Arizona. Currently the chapter has over 450 members, consisting of actively practicing surgeons, residents, associates, and retired surgeons. Arizona Chapter members are located in all areas of the state and work in diverse settings, spanning rural to large university hospitals and from private practice to teaching in the university setting. The Chapter holds one large educational meeting each autumn, alternating the location between the Tucson and Phoenix areas.

Membership in the American College of Surgeons does not include automatic enrollment in the local chapter. Please complete the Arizona Chapter membership application or contact the chapter administrator/executive director listed below to join your chapter today! For more information about the chapter visit the Arizona Chapter website.

Chapter Contact

Joni Bowers
Executive Director

Phone: (602) 347-6904

Website URL:

Arizona Chapter of the American College of Surgeons
P.O. Box 35159
Phoenix AZ, 85069
United States