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Oklahoma Chapter

Oklahoma Chapter of the American College of Surgeons was founded in 1974. Its goals since then have been: 1.To promote the aims, interests, ideals, and programs of the College in the Oklahoma. 2.To hold itself responsible for and use its best efforts to attain the objectives of the College, which are to "elevate the standards of surgery, establish a standard of competency and of character for practitioners of surgery, to provide a method of granting Fellowship, and to educate the public and the profession to understand that the practice of surgery calls for special training and that the surgeon elected to Fellowship in this College has had such training and is properly qualified to practice surgery." 3.To welcome new Fellows of the College into the Chapter and develop better acquaintances among local Fellows. 4.To stimulate interest in the Resident-Associate Society (RAS) among surgical residents and young surgeons. The Chapter is comprised of more than 500 members. These individuals are drawn from all the surgical specialties — from general surgery to plastic surgery, from urology to vascular. The membership is very diverse with significant representation from all local training centers, including the military.

Oklahoma Chapter of the American College of Surgeons
3334 W Maine St #185
Norman OK, 73072-4805
United States


Ronald Andrew Squires, MD FACS
Past President|03/01/2015 - 12/31/2016

Douglas Che Miller, MD FACS
President|11/18/2015 - 11/30/2016

Kevin Edward Taubman, MD FACS
President Elect|11/18/2015 - 11/30/2016

Jennifer Starkey
Executive Director|05/01/2012 - 05/01/2050

Jeffrey S. Bender, MD FACS
Secretary/Treasurer|01/01/2003 - 11/30/2016

James W. Gigantelli, MD FACS
HPAC Region Chief|10/01/2011 -

Jeffrey S. Bender, MD FACS
Governor|10/08/2010 - 10/31/2016

Eric Wallis Sherburn, MD FACS
Specialty Society Governor|10/10/2013 - 10/31/2016

William Chesnut Dooley, MD, FACS
CoC State Chair|01/01/2011 - 07/01/2017

Robert Warren Letton Jr., MD FACS
COT State Provincial Chair|05/05/2015 - 05/05/2021