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ACS Quality and Safety Conference 2021 Sessions of Interest for Media

Live Sessions

Tuesday, July 13

12 noon–12:30 pm
The 2021 ACS QSC keynote speaker, Eduardo Garcia, will share his personal story about overcoming obstacles and his journey toward becoming a patient. After a life-altering accident where he received a 2,400-volt electrical shock, Eduardo endured months of intensive care and came to realize his whole life before that moment had been preparing him for his ability to face the unknown.1

2:30–1:00 pm
Keynote Speaker Interview with Dr. Wexner
Watch as Dr. Steven Wexner, Vice-Chair, ACS Board of Regents, interviews the 2021 ACS QSC keynote speaker, Eduardo Garcia. Dr. Wexner asks all of the questions about Eduardo Garcia and his experience that attendees will want to know the answers to.

Wednesday, July 14

9:45–11:00 am
L13: Children’s Surgery Verification Standards 2.0

This session is dedicated to the release of the second edition of Optimal Resources for Children’s Surgical Care and lessons learned from the first 30 CSV verified sites. Members of the CSV Committee and ACS team will provide an overview of the revision process, new format, and major changes to the program requirements.

Friday, July 16

8:00– 9:00 am
Measuring and Reducing Disparities in Cancer Care: Lessons from Successful Programs
In this session, panelists will describe the implementation and results of effective, multi-level interventions designed to reduce programmatic disparities in cancer care. Attendees will learn how to measure disparities (such as racial/ethnic, geographic, socioeconomic, gender, or sexual orientation) within an individual cancer program. Also covered will be how to develop quality improvement initiatives designed to specifically reduce disparities

9:30–10:30 am
Best Practices in Improving Surgical Oncology
Presenters, selected from the call for best practices, will discuss improvements related to breast and colon cancer.

12:30– 1:30 pm
L26: Hybrid Cancer Care: Wave of the Future
This session will focus on new methods for bringing care to the patient and improving access to care in rural settings and in safety net hospitals. Specific topics will include the impact of telemedicine, partnering with primary care providers, improving care across the system, and using patient navigators to enhance care delivery

On Demand Sessions

Available July 12 at 8:00 am CDT and throughout the conference

OD108: Pediatric Surgery Health Equity
This session will focus on health equity in the field of pediatric surgery. Presentations will detail how health disparities have been explored using ACS NSQIP Pediatric data

OD112: Lessons Learned in Caring for the Vulnerable Older Adult Population during a Pandemic
The COVID-19 pandemic has and continues to prompt many challenges to the health care system and how we care for our patients. With a pandemic that preferentially affects older adults, it has remained especially true for this already vulnerable population. This session will highlight lessons learned from the unique challenges faced by hospitals and their successful adaptations that were essential in order to continue providing high-quality surgical care to geriatric patients

OD126: MBSAQIP Patient Reported Outcomes Overview
Patient-reported outcomes measures (PROM) allow us to include our patients’ voices in the assessment of whether a treatment was successful. In this session, we will discuss the development of the current MBSAQIP PROMs Program, hear how one program has been successfully implementing PROMs into their workflow, and get a preview of the new platform for collecting patient-reported outcomes in MBSAQIP.

OD127: Unveiling the ACS Quality Verification Program (ACS QVP)
The American College of Surgeons Quality Verification Program takes core elements of Optimal Resources for Surgical Quality and Safety, also known as the “Red Book,” to establish standards and a verification process to improve efficiency, care, and value for all surgical patients across all divisions of surgery within the hospital. In this session, we will explore how the ACS QVP is designed to complement data collection efforts and offers a guided journey to standardizing and aligning existing surgical quality efforts and resources.

OD139: International Transplant Registry
Dr. Nancy Ascher, former president of The Transplantation Society (TTS), will discuss the new International Transplant Registry and the importance of this initiative

OD150: Using Informatics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning to Improve Care of Surgical Patients
This session will explore the intersection of surgical artificial intelligence (AI) and clinical decision support systems (CDS) while focusing on how informatics can be used to improve surgical care.

D145: Disruption: Innovative Models of Care That Will Remain after the COVID-19 Pandemic
More than a year after the COVID-19 pandemic was announced, surgeons and other health care providers are embarking on the last phase of disaster, known as the Reconstruction Phase. In this session, you will listen to experts from the field discuss innovative models of care that will remain in place after the pandemic concludes. A few topics that will be discussed are the role for integrated care models, innovations in telehealth, outpatient surgery, and surgical re-entry after the pandemic.

OD146: Incorporating Social Determinants of Health (SDH) into Surgical Research
Adjusting for Social Determinants of Health in post-surgical outcome measures has started to gain traction but is thus far not widely used. The goal of this session is to explain the pros and cons of adjusting for SDH, cover what specific SDH should be adjusted for, and provide examples of surgeon-led research in the field of SDH.

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Abstract Presentations

All 435+ abstract presentations will be available beginning Monday, July 12 at 8:00 am CDT.