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Press Credentials

Press credentials to cover the 2021 American College of Surgeons (ACS) Quality and Safety Conference VIRTUAL will be granted to individuals who meet the appropriate criteria set forth by the College.



  1. Only representatives of the following media will be registered:
    • General circulation (or online access) newspapers, magazines, newsletters
    • Medical or health care media outlets
    • Broadcast media or online news services
  2. All press representatives must represent the editorial staff. Their media outlets must present editorial content that focuses on the clinical, quality improvement,  or socioeconomic issues in the health care field. They must provide credentials that lists their editorial title or a published articles with an editorial byline on the linked registration form. Advertising, marketing, or public relations representatives from media outlets or commercial manufacturing firms will not be registered as members of the press. ACS considers publishers to be part of the editorial staff.
  3. Freelancers must produce a letter of assignment from a medium such as those listed above. Freelancers who wish to attend the meeting without a specific editorial assignment must present credentials indicating membership in a recognized professional communications association, or submit published samples of their work along with appropriate identification. Freelancers who wish further interpretation of this policy are encouraged to contact the ACS Senior Manager of Public Profile and Visibility prior to the conference.

General Conditions

  1. Press credentials to cover the conference will be granted to up to three individuals from any one publication, publication group, or electronic media outlet.
  2. Media members who have been found to mispresent themselves (incorrect name, editorial title, or media outlet) will forfeit rights to press credentials to cover this conference and any other ACS meeting.
  3. Before posing questions to presenters in online chats during the virtual conference, media members must:
    • First identify themselves as journalists
    • Provide their media affiliation

Apply for Press Credentials