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International Leadership

The American College of Surgeons (ACS) has multiple opportunities for surgeons from around the globe to actively participate in ACS-sponsored programs and leadership opportunities.

International Relations Committee

The International Relations Committee (IRC) is the gateway to international activity and outreach for the ACS. This is accomplished by developing relationships and partnerships between the ACS, international surgeons, and international surgical and other health care organizations to address issues related to surgical practice, education, research, advocacy, and leadership with the aim of achieving and safeguarding appropriately high standards of clinical care, access, safety, professionalism, and quality improvement for surgery worldwide.

Contact Kathleen McCann for more information on the International Relations Committee.

International Chapters

ACS Chapters provide international surgeons with opportunities to improve the quality of local surgical care through educational and networking opportunities that are platforms for sharing knowledge and ideas with colleagues. Currently, there are more than 40 international chapters, and membership is open to all Fellows of the ACS.   

Contact Brian Frankel for more information on becoming involved with an international chapter.

International Governors

The Board of Governors is a representative body that serves as the official link between membership and the Board of Regents. More than 40 surgeons from outside the United States and Canada serve as Governors and represent the interest of surgeons from around the globe. The Governors Chapter Activities International Work Group serves as a platform for these international Governors to serve as advocates for colleagues around the world.    

Contact Emily Kalata for more information on the Board of Governors.

Operation Giving Back

Operation Giving Back (OGB) leverages the passion, skill, and humanitarian ethos of the surgical community to effectively meet the needs of medically underserved communities and patients.  OGB facilitates humanitarian outreach among surgeons and communities by providing the tools necessary for collaboration and service in the areas of patient care, training and system improvement. In addition, OGB is helping address the shortage of surgeons and the paucity of female surgeons in Africa through a joint scholarship program with the College of Surgeons of East, Central, and Southern Africa (COSECSA) that supports women in surgical residency programs. Lastly, OGB is focused on building capacity and resources for surgical education and training through a partnership with U.S.-based academic surgical residency programs and Hawassa University in Ethiopia.

Contact Natalie Bell for more information on Operation Giving Back.