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Session Code: DC04
Title: Ethical Issues in Geriatric Surgical Care
Date and Time of Session: Saturday, October 26: 12:30 pm - 4:45 pm
Location: Moscone Convention Center - Room: MW 2003
Description: This will be a targeted surgical ethics course focused on geriatric surgery worked out with our colleagues centrally involved in geriatric surgery. We will focus on: shared decision making and surrogate decision making, assessing decision making capacity, postoperative delirium and decision making, pre-habilitation for surgery, and other topics that may be appealing to those with a primary interest in geriatrics. Other topics might include: challenges of informed consent in the geriatric population and cases when the patient/surrogate wants the choice that might not be optimal from a surgical perspective, (i.e. increased risks of complications) but fits with the patient's wishes. In such cases, there is often a conflict between reducing risks and respecting choices.
CME Credit Hours: 4
Webcast Package Available: No
Audio Package Available: No
Geriatric / Palliative Care (GER), Ethics (ETH)
Credit to Address Regulatory Mandates:
Ethics, Geriatric
Credit to Address ACS Accreditation/Verification Requirements:
Geriatric Surgery,
Sponsored By:
Committee on Ethics
Program Participants:
Ronnie A. Rosenthal, MD, FACS
Peter Angelos, MD, FACS
Introducer Introductory Remarks
Peter Angelos, MD, FACS
Speaker Coalition for Quality in Geriatric Surgery and Geriatric Surgery Verification Program
Ronnie A. Rosenthal, MD, FACS
Speaker Postoperative Delirium and Decision-Making
Thomas N. Robinson, MD, FACS
Speaker Assessing Decision-Making Capacity
Victoria Tang, MD, MAS
Small Group Case Discussions I
Speaker Challenges of Informed Consent in the Geriatric Population
Emily V. Finlayson, MD, MS, FACS
Speaker What to Do When Patient/Surrogate Wants Non-Optimal Surgical Choice
Sabha Ganai, MD, PhD, MPH, FACS
Small Group Case Discussions II
Fifteen Minute Break
Speaker Goals of Care Discussions in the Context of Shared Decision-Making
Piroska K. Kopar, MD
Speaker Surrogate Decision-Making in the Emergency Setting
Zara Cooper, MD, MSc, FACS
Small Group Case Discussions III
Large Group Discussion