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Session Code: PS316
Title: A View from Both Sides of the Table: The Surgeon as Patient
Date and Time of Session: Wednesday, October 25: 12:45 pm - 2:15 pm
Description: This presentation will explore the professional, ethical, legal and safety considerations of the surgeon as patient. Are doctors the worst patients? Do surgeons sublimate symptoms of disease and indulge in self-treatment/medication because it is easier, faster or is there a need to be “in charge”? What are the ethical concerns when treating ourselves and our colleagues with a quick work-up to relieve impatience or discomfort? Do we serve as our own or others advocates if we notice system or errors in surgical management? How do we approach patient education as the giver or receiver of such education? Being a recipient of major surgical care can provide a new lens to view patient safety, quality of care and advocacy for change.
CME Credit Hours: 1.5
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Audio Package Available: Yes
Ethics (ETH)
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Committee on Ethics, Patient Education Committee
Program Participants:
John M. Daly, MD FACS FRCSI (Hon) FRCSG (Hon)
Eric A. Singer, MD, MA, FACS
Speaker Introduction
Eric A. Singer, MD, MA, FACS
Speaker The Patient's View: Coming to Terms With Serious Illness and Prolonged Treatment
Gregory J. Jurkovich, MD FACS
Speaker The Patient's View: Who's in Charge of My Care?
David Vincent Feliciano, MD, FACS
Speaker Surgery on Surgeons: The Ethics
Robert M. Sade, MD, FACS
Speaker The Do's and Don'ts in Caring for Medical Colleagues
Neil J. Farber, MD