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Session Code: PS313
Title: Managing Bariatric Surgical Complications: Role of the Non-Bariatric General Surgeon
Date and Time of Session: Wednesday, October 25: 12:45 pm - 2:15 pm
Description: Bariatric surgical procedures are being performed with increasing frequency in the United States. Patients often travel to distant sites, even internationally, to have these procedures performed. Thus when they have complications, either in the postoperative period or even later, they often present to a different hospital than where they had their procedure. These hospitals often do not have a bariatric program. The role of the general surgeon in managing these complex patients will be discussed including stabilization, transfer to higher level of care and definitive correction. An emphasis will be on the safest approach to these patients both in terms of perioperative morbidity and mortality and to how these complications and their management affect their long-term weight loss and health.
CME Credit Hours: 1.5
Webcast Package Available: Yes
Audio Package Available: Yes
Trauma / Critical Care (TRA), General Surgery (GEN), Rural Surgery (RUS)
Credit to Address ACS Accreditation/Verification Requirements:
Bariatric Surgery
Sponsored By:
Advisory Council for General Surgery
Program Participants:
Steven Nathan Bock, MD FACS
Jennifer N. Choi, MD, FACS
Speaker Opening Remarks and The Expected Anatomy of Bariatric Surgeries
Steven Nathan Bock, MD FACS
Speaker Common Complications of Gastric Bypass
Jennifer N. Choi, MD, FACS
Speaker Common Complications of Sleeve Gastrectomy and Adjustable Gastric Bands
Bree December Dewing, MD
Speaker Gallstone Disease in the Bariatric Patient
Attila Nakeeb, MD, FACS
Discussion and Questions