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Session Code: PS212
Title: Repair, Ligate, Shunt, or Bypass: Physiologic and Anatomic Considerations in Vascular Trauma
Date and Time of Session: Tuesday, October 24: 9:45 am - 11:15 am
Description: Major adaptations from military to civilian trauma centers have changed the way we managed vascular injuries. This session will bring in experts from different backgrounds to discuss challenging vascular scenarios and the decision making required in addressing vascular trauma in the multiply injured patient.
CME Credit Hours: 1.5
Webcast Package Available: Yes
Audio Package Available: Yes
Vascular Surgery (VAS), Trauma / Critical Care (TRA), General Surgery (GEN)
Credit to Address ACS Accreditation/Verification Requirements:
Sponsored By:
Advisory Council for Vascular Surgery, Committee on Trauma
Program Participants:
Joseph J. DuBose, , MD, FACS, FCCM
Charles J. Fox, MD, FACS
Speaker Associated Venous Injuries – Repair or Ligate
Kenji Inaba, MD, FACS, FRCSC
Speaker So You Want To Do a Bypass for Trauma? – Anatomical and Conduit Considerations
Pedro G. R. Teixeira, MD
Speaker Fasciotomy After Vascular Injury - When and Why to Use it Prophylactically
Charles J. Fox, MD, FACS
Speaker Endovascular vs. Open Repair for Vascular Trauma – When and Where Does it Make Sense?
Timothy Keith Williams, MD
Speaker Balloons for Proximal Arterial Control: When to Consider "Hybrid” Management of Vascular Injuries
Megan Brenner, MD FACS
Speaker Complications of Vascular Injury Treatment– Mitigation and Management Strategies
Melanie Hoehn, MD