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Session Code: PS105
Title: Antibiotic Stewardship: The Key to Avoiding the Loss of Effective Antibiotics in Surgery: Part I
Date and Time of Session: Monday, October 23: 9:45 am - 11:15 am
Description: The loss of effective antibiotics profoundly impacts the practice of surgery. Antibiotic resistance limits the efficacy of antibiotic prophylaxis thereby leading to worse outcomes in surgical patients. A 30% reduction in the efficacy of antibiotic prophylaxis would result in one hundred twenty thousand additional infections per year in the U.S. Participants will learn how to incorporate the following antimicrobial stewardship principles in their practice: 1) Antibiotic resistance: why should surgeon’s care? 2) Surgeon’s role in preventing resistance through shorter courses of antibiotic therapy, using rapid diagnostic tests to improve time to effective antibiotic/antifungal therapy, and pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic dosing 3) impact of the microbiome on surgical infections 4) Antibiotic stewardship: What is it, does it work, and why surgeons need to be involved.
CME Credit Hours: 1.5
Webcast Package Available: Yes
Audio Package Available: Yes
Education / Outcomes & Safety (EDU), General Surgery (GEN), Colon and Rectal Surgery (CRS)
Credit to Address Regulatory Mandates:
Patient safety, Risk Management
Sponsored By:
Committee on Perioperative Care, Committee on Trauma
Program Participants:
Kamal M.F. Itani, MD, FACS
David C. Borgstrom, MD, MBA, FACS
Speaker Introduction
Kamal M.F. Itani, MD, FACS
Speaker How Best to Measure Antibiotic Stewardship?
David C. Borgstrom, MD, MBA, FACS
Speaker Too Much Antibiotics? What Are the Consequences?
Robert G. Sawyer, MD, FACS
Speaker Too Little Antibiotics? What Are the Consequences?
John Edward Mazuski, MD PhD FACS
Speaker The Pharmacist, Infection Control Nurse, Microbiologist and Others. What is the Role of the Surgeon?
Philip S. Barie, MD, Master CCM, FIDSA, FACS
Speaker Future Directions in Antimicrobial Stewardship
Pamela A. Lipsett, MD, MHPE, FACS, MCCM