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Session Code: DC17
Title: Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Review: Essentials for Surgical Specialties
Date and Time of Session: Wednesday, October 25: 8:30 am - 12:45 pm
Description: • Understand the criteria for the proper level of sedation on the sedation continuum • Recall the common medications used in moderate sedation and describe how to rescue a patient from deep sedation • Understand the use of reversal agents for opioids and benzodiazepines commonly used in moderate sedation • List factors that influence patient selection for moderate sedation and describe proper monitoring of patients undergoing moderate sedation • Understand the common zones of risk and vulnerabilities in our practices across the continuum of care especially for the surgeon • Be able to implement strategies to mitigate sources risk, specifically geared towards errors and adverse events • Learn the basics of implementing a quality improvement project in their practice. • Understand the perioperative risk stratification system and processes to mitigate comorbidity-associated risks • Be able to manage anticoagulants in patients undergoing surgical procedures • Determine the factors which make a patient high-risk for airway complications during surgery • Manage post-operative surgical pain optimally The surgical fundamentals are competencies that are common to all the surgical subspecialties, and are tested during the Maintenance of Certification recertification process. They include topics such as: emergency airway management, deep vein thrombosis prophylaxis, post-op management including myocardial infarction recognition, conscious sedation, treatment of anaphylaxis, blood conservation, pain management and patient safety issues, to name a few. This course seeks to bring subject matter experts to educate surgeons from all the subspecialties on these topics, with an emphasis on preparation for Maintenance of Certification specific to these fundamental competencies. This is a one-stop shop for you to quickly get up to speed through a refresher course for all these areas and concentrate on the studying the other materials specific to your subspecialties.
CME Credit Hours: 4
Webcast Package Available: No
Audio Package Available: No
General Surgery (GEN)
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Division of Education
Program Participants:
Robert R. Lorenz, MD, FACS
Robert R. Bahnson, MD, FACS
Speaker Introduction
Robert R. Lorenz, MD, FACS
Speaker Post-Operative Pain Management
James B. Ray, PharmD, CPE
Speaker Anesthesia and Conscious Sedation
Joshua L. Lumbley, MD
Speaker Perioperative Anticoagulation
Mark M. Levy, MD, FACS
15 Minute Break
Speaker Perioperative Medical Management
Kurt Pfeifer, MD, FACP, SFHM
Speaker Patient Safety in Surgery
Thomas Scharschmidt, MD FACS
Speaker Perioperative Airway Management
Paul W. Flint, MD, FACS
Speaker Questions/Answers and Closure
Robert R. Bahnson, MD, FACS