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Session Code: PS330
Title: The Value of Patient Reported Outcome Measures for Surgeons and Their Patients
Date and Time of Session: Wednesday, October 19: 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm
Description: Patient reported outcomes (PROs) predict survival, postoperative morbidity and can distinguish the invasiveness of surgical procedures. In some states, reimbursement for certain operative procedures (e.g. spine and cataract surgery) is already linked to measuring improvement in patient quality of life. However, many surgeons find measuring PROs cumbersome and are unfamiliar with the relevance of the measures to patient care. The panel will provide an introduction to modern PRO tools such as the NIH/FDA supported Promis-10 and easy to use linear analog scales, now replacing legacy tools such as SF-36). These new tools are designed to make assessment of PROs quick and easy to incorporate into clinical practice. Surgeons will be able to understand how to adjust their therapeutic plans based on the measures obtained.
CME Credit Hours: 1.5
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Audio Package Available: Yes
Surgical Oncology (ONC), General Surgery (GEN)
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Patient safety
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CRP Education Committee
Program Participants:
Juliane Bingener, MD, FACS
Benjamin S. Brooke, MD, PhD, FACS
Moderator Introduction: What Are Patient Reported Outcomes and Why Should I Care?
Juliane Bingener, MD, FACS
Speaker How Do I Choose a Patient Reported Outcome For My Surgical practice?
Jennifer Filip Waljee, MD
Speaker Patient Reported Outcome As A Clinical Practice Vital Sign
Jeff A Sloan, PhD
Speaker How to Integrate the Collection of Patient Reported Outcome Measures Into the Electronic Medical Records and Potentially Influence Clinical Decision Making
Charles Louis Saltzman, MD FACS
Speaker Panel Discussion
Speaker All,