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Session Code: PS219
Title: To Prep or Not to Prep: Understanding the Data on Bowel Preparation for Elective Colon Resection
Date and Time of Session: Tuesday, October 18: 12:45 pm - 2:15 pm
Description: Whether or not to perform a mechanical bowel preparation, oral antibiotic bowel preparation, or both preparations prior to elective colon operations is a confusing question. As recently as 20-30 years ago it might have been considered malpractice not to prep patients for colorectal resections. Later data suggested that bowel preparation was unnecessary and possibly even harmful. Now the pendulum might be swinging the other way again as more recent data show decrease wound infection rates with bowel prep. This panel will discuss the history of bowel preparation for elective colorectal resections and try to make sense of some conflicting and confusing data. After this discussion, participants will have a clearer understanding of the risks and benefits for their patients.
CME Credit Hours: 1.5
Webcast Package Available: Yes
Audio Package Available: Yes
Colon and Rectal Surgery (CRS), Education / Outcomes & Safety (EDU)
Credit to Address Regulatory Mandates:
Patient safety
Sponsored By:
Advisory Council for General Surgery, Advisory Council for Colon and Rectal Surgery
Program Participants:
Daniel D. Klaristenfeld, MD, FACS, FASCRS
Jonathan E. Efron, MD, FACS
Speaker History of Bowel Preparation for Elective Colorectal Surgery
Anthony J. Senagore, MD, MBA, FACS
Speaker The Argument For Bowel Preparation
Elizabeth C. Wick, MD, FACS
Speaker The Argument Against Bowel Preparation for Elective Colon Resection
Oded Zmora, MD FACS