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University of Vermont Medical Center

University of Vermont Medical Center
Burlington, VT

Number of Positions Offered: 1

Contact Information

TTP Chief

Loic J. Fabricant, MD

Additional Information

Mailstop 351EP5
East Pavilion, Level 5
111 Colchester Ave.
Burlington, VT 05401

Phone: 802-847-6882

Fax: 802-847-7853


Program Highlights

The TTP Associate will serve as a junior faculty member within the University of Vermont (UVM) Medical Center (MC) Division of Acute Care Surgery (ACS). In this capacity, the TTP Associate will function as an attending, overseeing all aspects of care—operative and non-operative—of injured and acutely ill general surgery patients.

Program Description

Upon entry into the TTP Program, the TTP Associate will be in an observational status for the first four weeks which will include three clinical weeks with immediate oversight by the TTP Chief and/or Senior Associates. The first week will be designated as rounding/admitting, the second week as inpatient operative, with direct observation for intake assessment, and the third week will include outpatient clinic. The TTP Associate will not be expected to take overnight call until after this initial month. Beyond the first transition month, the TTP Associate will have an available faculty member for support during all clinical duties. During this period, the TTP Chief will closely observe the TTP Associate both directly and indirectly through communication with other ACS attendings. The following domains will be assessed: (1) judgment and decision making; (2) operative skills; and (3) communication.

At the completion of the initial observational period, the TTP Chief will meet with the Associate to review assessment of the above three domains. This meeting will also involve discussion of the Associate’s overall practice plans and appropriate areas of focus. Based upon these plans, the TTP year will be tailored to fit the Associate’s goals.

The TTP Associate will function as an independent practitioner at all times. However, there will be graduated oversight in the course of their TTP year. All clinical experiences will be within the UVM MC. The Associate will serve as an integral member of the Acute Care Surgery Division with the Department of Surgery. This position will include several clinical opportunities to facilitate the development of a well-rounded surgeon. The academic year will include 40 weeks of clinical activity, eight weeks of flexible educational time, and four weeks of paid vacation. Clinical weeks will be split between the four responsibilities: (1) Trauma/EGS rounding and admitting, (2) designated inpatient operative, (3) outpatient clinic and elective general surgery, and (4) backup coverage. The educational time will allow further exposure to specialty general surgery or other areas of interest to the TTP Associate.

The TTP Associate will have a formal training session within the UVM MC regarding billing and collections. There will also be a medical liability educational meeting with the Director of Risk Management from the UVM MC. The TTP Associate will have direct support from the TTP Chief and Senior Associates during the process of job interviews and contract negotiations. The TTP Associate will be expected carry out at least one quality improvement project during their TTP year.

The TTP Associate will meet with the TTP Chief on a monthly basis for advising and feedback. In addition, the TTP Associate will be expected to meet at least once monthly with a Senior Associate to review a morbidity, mortality, or difficult case or their choosing. The TTP Chief will compile input from the Senior Associates and present this feedback to the TTP Associate as a final assessment

Senior Associates

Edward C. Borrazzo, MD, FACS
Ajai K. Malhotra, MBBS, FACS