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University of Florida/St. Vincent’s Health System

Gainesville, FL/Jacksonville, FL

Number of Positions Offered: 1

Contact Information

Mastery in General Surgery Program Chiefs

George A. Sarosi, MD, FACS

Paul Chappano, MD, FACS

Additional Information

University of Florida
Department of Surgery
1600 SW Archer Rd.
P.O. Box 100286
Gainesville, FL 32610

North Florida Surgeons
2 Shircliff Way
Suite 500
Jacksonville, FL 32204


University of Florida College of Medicine
St. Vincent's HealthCare

Program Highlights

The program will take place in three phases of progressive autonomy and supervision. The Junior Associate would spend at least nine months at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Jacksonville, FL, working with North Florida Surgeons and the remaining three months at University of Florida Health (UF Health) in Gainesville. Rotations of interest may include acute care surgery, colorectal surgery, minimally invasive surgery, and flexible endoscopy.

Program Description

The program will include three phases: phase I will be an introductory phase of three months. This will assess the medical knowledge, patient care, and overall skill set of the Junior Associate. During this phase, the Junior Associate will work closely with the faculty. Upon completion of this 12-week evaluation, phase II, a 26-week supervised instructional period, will provide progressive independence to allow assessment of independent decision making and judgment. The instructional goals will be based upon the basic requirements of a community practice and the desires of the Junior Associate. Specifically, competency in endoscopy, minimally invasive surgery, breast surgery, surgical oncology, GI surgery, endocrine surgery, and emergency surgery will be evaluated. Once the Junior Associate has attained competency with the broad range of general surgery skills, independent practice (with daily communication with staff) or further concentration in an area of interest will be offered. In phase III, the Junior Associate would be expected to gain progressive independence with supervision available as needed. In these final three to six months, the Junior Associate will be expected to perform independently with backup available as needed. The Junior Associate would have an independent clinic experience, operate independently, and care for the patients independent of the residents or the faculty. Furthermore, a weekly review of cases, especially those cases with morbidity or mortality, is the standard for all UF Health Department of Surgery practices along with a preoperative conference that includes review of all upcoming cases for the week.

The surgical care at St. Vincent’s is provided by the North Florida Surgeons. The general surgery residents may participate in the pre-, intra-, and postoperative care of patients for which the Junior Associate is responsible. The Junior Associate would act as an independent surgeon with supervision from the North Florida Surgeons. The Junior Associate would be expected to have an independent clinic, take call one in seven nights, and to operate independently. However, at all times the Junior Associate would have Senior Associate supervision, either directly or immediately available, by the North Florida Surgeons. In up to three elective months at UF Health in Gainesville, the Junior Associate would also act independently with supervision; though the residents may participate in the care.

As noted above, the individual would spend 9 of 12 months with the North Florida Surgeons Group at St. Vincent’s Hospital. This group performs an excellent volume (about 2,500 cases per year) of broad-based surgery that is ideal for a Junior Associate who desires a career in general surgery. At St. Vincent’s, the Junior Associate would function as an independent practitioner that would be supervised by the North Florida Surgeons. Approximately three months of the program would be conducted at UF Health. This experience would also depend on the initial evaluation conducted by the Junior Associate and his or her career desires. The rotations that may be of interest include acute care surgery, colorectal surgery, minimally invasive surgery, flexible endoscopy, and perhaps others. The rotation(s) selected would depend on the needs and interests of the Junior Associate.

Senior Associates

North Florida Surgeons
G. Edwin Chisholm, MD, FACS – Acute Care Surgery
Michael Fallucco, MD, FACS – Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Javier Herrera, MD, FACS – Acute Care Surgery
David Johnston, MD, FACS – Endocrine Surgery
R. Michael Loper, MD – Head and Neck Surgery
William E. Sumner III, MD, FACS – Breast and Surgical Oncology
Miroslav Uchal, MD, FACS – Minimally Invasive Surgery

UF Health
Kfir Ben-David, MD, FACS – Minimally Invasive Surgery
Frederick Moore, MD, FACS – Acute Care Surgery
George A. Sarosi, MD, FACS – Gastrointestinal Surgery
Sanda Aung Tan, MD, FACS – Colorectal Surgery