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Surgery South

Stockbridge, GA

Number of Positions Offered: 1

Contact Information

Mastery in General Surgery Program Chief

Brian Myers, MD, FACS

Additional Information

1040 Eagles Landing Parkway, Suite #100
Stockbridge, GA 30281
Fax: 770-389-3713

Administrative Contact: Jenny Sealey,, 770-474-7287


Program Highlights

The year will be spent seeing patients in the office, in-hospital consults, and surgeries performed in the two hospitals where privileges will be established—Southern Regional Medical Center and Piedmont Henry Hospital. Surgery South surgeons cover the breadth of general surgery with an emphasis on minimally invasive approaches. Trauma surgery is minimal and bariatrics, obstetrics, and major pancreatic and major liver resections are not performed.

Program Description

The Junior Associate will shadow the Chief and Senior Associates through the office, hospital, and surgery while licenses are granted, privileges established, hospital and office EMR training completed, and insurance program acceptances obtained. The Junior Associate will have supervised office time and all surgeries will be done jointly with the Mastery in General Surgery Program Chief or a Senior Associate until the Junior Associate demonstrates readiness for independent practice. Throughout the program, the Junior Associate will always have access to the Chief or a Senior Associate for assistance and mentoring.

As general surgeons who cover the vast majority of general surgery, education will focus on areas identified by the intake assessment. Continuing medical education and SESAP will be among the resources made available for additional education. Education on the business aspects of a private practice general surgeon will include marketing, contract negotiation, political structure of hospitals with medical staff, and developing a referral base. The Junior Associate will also work with the office manager, who is a certified coder, to learn more about the intricacies of coding and billing as Surgery South does its own billing. The Junior Associate may also be required to participate in leadership programs run by the hospital administrations.

Real-time assessment will occur during office work, surgery, and rounds with formal feedback provided monthly. The final assessment will compare the starting point, progress, and current state of the Junior Associate’s knowledge base, judgment, technical expertise, confidence, business acumen, behavioral interaction with patients, support staff, referrals, and colleagues as well as their strengths and opportunities for further development.

Senior Associates

Manohar N. Nallathambi, MD, FACS
Ahmad I. Nuriddin, MD, FACS
Shikha Srivastava, MD, FACS

Join the surgeons of Surgery South. Pictured L to R: Manohar N. Nallathambi, MD, FACS, Shikha Srivastava, MD, FACS, Brian Myers, MD, FACS, and Ahmad I. Nuriddin, MD, FACS.