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Permanente Medicine, Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group

McLean, VA

Number of Positions Offered: 1

Contact Information

Chief, Mastery in General Surgery Program

Jenny Hong, MD, MPH, FACS

Senior Associate

Rahul D. Tevar, MD, FACS

Office Address

8008 Westpark Drive, Suite 205
McLean, VA 22102
Main: 703-287-6400
Fax: 703-287-4601


Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group

Program Highlights

The initial experience at Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group (MAPMG) will involve an initial 12-week supervised period in which the Junior Associate works closely with supervising surgeons. After a successful completion of supervised practice, the Junior Associate will graduate to progressively more independent assignments across many MAPMG sites.

Program Description

The Junior Associate will begin the program under regular supervision, working closely with the staff surgeons, and be provided with progressively more independence with available supervision if needed. The goal is to allow the Junior Associate to attain competency with a broad range of general surgery skills in a supervised setting while still being able to develop independent decision making and judgment.

For the remainder of the program, one week per month will be spent as an acute care surgeon providing primary call coverage (overseen by a Senior Associate) for all surgical consults and surgical procedures performed in our core hospitals during the week. The other three weeks per month will be spent in a clinic setting seeing patients in the office, performing elective surgical procedures both in an ambulatory setting and in the hospital, and taking call in a rotation with oversight by a Senior Associate. General surgery call will be taken during this rotation. The Junior Associate will gain exposure to bread-and-butter general surgery, minimally invasive surgery (laparoscopic and robotic), colorectal surgery, and surgical oncology cases during this time.

The Junior Associate will also gain experience in bariatric surgery in suburban Maryland including evaluation of these patients, the usual surgical procedures performed, and potential complications associated with weight loss procedures. General surgery call will be taken during this rotation. Other subspecialty rotations can be designed and substituted if the Junior Associate has specific areas of interest within general surgery not covered by the above program.

The Junior Associate will meet with the Mastery in General Surgery Program Chief and Senior Associate and plan a list of goals for the Mastery in General Surgery Program. The Chief and Senior Associate will have regular discussions with the Junior Associate, during which they will be able to deliver informal feedback and assess the Junior Associate’s progress toward meeting his or her goals. Formalized quarterly evaluations will include elements of self-evaluation, objective feedback (rating specific competencies on a 1–5 scale), and subjective feedback (open-ended comments), as well as 360-degree feedback. This information will be compiled and summarized, then discussed with the Junior Associate for review and input.

The Junior Associate may work with residents from training programs and provide call coverage with support by an attending shareholder physician. The Junior Associate will have decision-making authority with built-in oversight when working on cases.

MAPMG offers training, ongoing monitoring, and feedback for billing, coding, quality improvement, patient safety, and medical liability issues. The Junior Associate can also consult with the associate medical director who covers those areas.

The Mastery in General Surgery Program Chief will be Jenny Hong, MD, MPH, FACS, at the Northern Virginia locations (Tyson’s Corner Ambulatory Surgery Center, Virginia Hospital Center, and Reston Hospital) and Baltimore facilities (South Baltimore County Medical Center, Greater Baltimore Medical Center, and St. Agnes Hospital). The Senior Associate will be Rahul D. Tevar, MD, FACS at the Washington, DC/suburban Maryland facilities (Largo Medical Center, Gaithersburg Medical Center, Kensington Medical Center, Holy Cross Hospital, Suburban Hospital, Washington Hospital Center, and Sibley Memorial Hospital).