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Northern Navajo Medical Center – Indian Health Service (IHS)

Shiprock, NM

Number of Positions Offered: 1

Contact Information

Mastery in General Surgery Program Chief

John C. D’Emilia, MD, FACS

Additional Information

P.O. Box 160, Hwy 491 North
Shiprock, NM 87420
Fax: 505-368-6260


Northern Navajo Medical Center

About the Navajo area

Program Highlights

The Junior Associate will serve as a junior partner. The Junior Associate will be involved in all aspects of General Surgery including clinics, surgical procedures, and assisting the OBGYN service. The call schedule averages eight calls per month and one weekend. Onsite housing is also available.

Program Description

Serving as a junior partner, the Junior Associate will be involved in training any physician assistants (PAs) or medical students who rotate through the institution. The Junior Associate will be involved in all aspects of General Surgery and will be working in the clinics, seeing and doing a full range of surgical procedures, including endoscopies, and assisting the OBGYN service. The associate will be mentored and proctored in the OR by the Senior Associates until they feel comfortable on their own. The associate can opt to be on the call schedule but will always have a back-up available.

The Junior Associate will have the opportunity to see the full scope of general surgery but will be in a safe environment. As the year progresses, the associate can take on additional responsibility as they feel comfortable. The associate will be working with veteran mentors whose breadth of experience has ranged from solo practice to university practices. A nurturing and protected environment is fostered to allow the associate to grow in skills and knowledge. The associate will also be able to interact with PA’s as well as orthopedic and podiatry partners to help learn the necessary skills to handle issues in a rural setting.

Assessment will be consistent with that of attendings. This includes quarterly evaluations with the chief of service as well as input regarding areas of improvement. The Junior Associate will also have the opportunity to provide written feedback regarding his experience at the institution on a real-time basis.

The Junior Associate will also be provided with mid-year assessments and daily feedback on their performance. This is a peer review examination of the associate with targeted plans for any perceived shortcomings as well as a plan of action for improvement. The ACS SSR will be used to record cases during the year.

The Junior Associate will be involved in monthly Tumor Boards as well as Mortality and Morbidity Conferences. The Junior Associate will be exposed to all aspects of care, including setting up billing and coding, the use of EHR in their practices, as well as any feedback the staff can give; which can be invaluable especially considering their breadth of experience and background.

Housing is available on the compound and is strongly recommended for the Junior Associate. This serves the dual purposes of allowing interaction with the medical staff and easy access to the hospital and Navajo people which will help the associate integrate into their society and inform the associate of the medical needs of the community.

Senior Associates

Raymond Durussell, MD
Laura Higgins, MD
Franklin M. Wolf, MD, FACS