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Mercer University School of Medicine

Crisp Regional Hospital, Cordele, GA

Number of Positions Available: 1

Contact Information

Mastery in General Surgery Program Chief

Dennis Ashley, MD, FACS, FCCM

Additional Information

416A 4th Avenue East
Cordele, GA 31015
Phone: 229-273-9050
Fax: 229-276-3641

Administrative Contact: Joy Bloodworth


Program Highlights

The Mastery in General Surgery Program Chief and Junior Associate will build a yearlong curriculum. It is designed to address the goals and objectives of the program and the individual learning needs that were identified by the Junior Associate in the needs assessment completed upon application to the program. Other experiences in surgical specialties (urology, obstetrics and gynecology, orthopaedics) will be provided by surgeons in practice at Crisp Regional Hospital, Cordele, GA, on an ad-hoc basis.

Program Description

The core experience will be the progression from monitored to independent practice. The year of training will take place in Cordele, GA. During the first two months, the Junior Associate will first assist on all elective and emergency operative cases. He or she will take call with a Senior Associate and will participate in all operating room (OR) cases. There will be a transitional period of 1–2 months of intermediate practice where the Junior Associate will be the primary surgeon for all elective and emergency operative cases. The Senior Associate will be present in the hospital for all OR cases and will provide surgical assistance if needed. There will be a weekly review of cases at all levels during the program. There will be a final level of independent practice that will complete the year’s clinical experience of 6–8 months. The Junior Associate will be surgeon for all cases on his or her service at this time and will take call independently. Senior Associates will be available by phone and will assist upon request.

Senior Associate

William P. Pannell, MD, FACS