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Kaiser Permanente, San Diego

San Diego, CA

Number of Positions Available: 1

Contact Information

Mastery in General Surgery Program Chief

Daniel D. Klaristenfeld, MD, FACS

Additional Contact Information

5893 Copley Drive
4th Floor - Department of Surgery
San Diego, CA 92111
Fax: 858-616-5040


Program Highlights

At Kaiser Permanente in San Diego, we have 26 general surgeons providing all of the surgical care for approximately 600,000 patients. We have a very broad-based practice combining elements of urban community, rural, and tertiary care. A Junior Associate at our institution will obtain a vast experience in general surgery as well as advanced laparoscopy, robotic surgery, surgical oncology, coloproctology, and many other areas.

Program Description

The Junior Associate will be given outpatient clinic responsibility including minor office-based procedures. He or she will schedule and perform outpatient and inpatient elective operations under the mentorship of an attending surgeon, and take inpatient call at a large tertiary-based facility with attending surgeon back-up. Since we do not have a formal residency program, a Junior Associate will only be responsible for teaching and interacting with rotating surgical residents if he or she so desired. Increasing levels of autonomy will be provided as the year progresses and the Junior Associate proves him/herself capable of independent work. There will even be opportunities to work at our North County facility which functions more like a small community hospital.

The Junior Associate would be assessed monthly with ongoing direct feedback from the staff, Mastery in General Surgery Program Chief, other attending surgeons, and Senior Associates. We will use a global evaluation to track the Junior Associate’s work throughout the year and provide objective and measurable feedback. The mid-year assessment would review the Junior Associate’s initial intake assessment, initial goals established, and compare against the desired progress. If goals are not being met or have changed in the interim, the mid-year assessment would be used to more precisely align the remainder of the Junior Associate’s experience with his or her goals and needs.

Kaiser Permanente is a leader in patient safety initiatives and quality improvement. Quality and safety are ingrained in everything we do at Kaiser Permanente and the Junior Associate will have frequent exposure to these issues. As a health maintenance organization, we are very aware of the importance of billing and collections which is an ever increasing part of our everyday practice. We will incorporate some independent lectures, lessons and available reading materials on contract negotiations and medical liability that could help the Junior Associate’s learning process.

Senior Associates

Michael J. Clar, MD, FACS
Sandra L. Freiwald, MD, FACS
Scott E. Greenway, MD, FACS