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Greenville Health System

Greenville, SC

Number of Positions Available: 1

Contact Information

Mastery in General Surgery Program Chief

Dane E. Smith, MD, FACS

Additional Contact Information

Department of Surgery
701 Grove Rd.
3rd Floor Support Tower
Greenville, SC 29605
Phone: 864-455-1435
Fax: 864-455-1320


Greenville Health System

Program Highlights

Throughout the year of increasing autonomy, emphasis will be placed on providing a training experience in which Associates develop excellence in the practice of General Surgery, Endoscopy, and patient management with the opportunity to explore other surgical specialties including Urology, OBGYN, and ENT at the Oconee Medical Center Campus of the Greenville Health System.

Program Description

The Mastery in General Surgery Program Chief and Senior Associate will build a yearlong curriculum tailored to the individual needs of the Junior Associate as identified during the intake assessment. Experience will be available primarily in the practice of General Surgery, Endoscopy, and patient management with the opportunity to explore other surgical specialties as listed above. Junior Associates will be placed at the Oconee Medical Center Campus of the Greenville Health System, located in Seneca, SC, approximately 50 miles from Greenville, SC.

The Junior Associate will be expected to participate in General Surgery call one day per week, every fifth weekend, and 1–2 holidays. For the first six months, the Junior Associate will be on call with the Senior Associate and as they demonstrate autonomy, will be transitioned to independent practice and ER call, with the Senior Associate available as needed. The curriculum will be designed to provide close supervision in the first 3-6 months with anticipated progression to greater autonomy and responsibility as the year progresses. The first six months will consist of General Surgery and will also have the opportunity to be first assist on all Senior Associate cases. The Junior Associate will be in the operating room 23 days per week with one day of endoscopy, and two days of clinic. The next three month block will consist of electives, if desired and as selected by the Junior Associate, while continuing General Surgery call and clinic. The final three months, the curriculum will emphasize practice management, skills such as billing, coding, professional development, business management and financial planning as they continue to build their general surgery practice.

An initial needs assessment, consisting of procedural evaluations from the first month, will be conducted to identify strengths and opportunities for development. The review that occurs at the end of the first month will guide the individualized structure of the rest of the year.

Surgical mentors will be completing procedure-specific and global assessment of the Associate’s performance. The Junior Associate and Senior Associate will debrief weekly with a detailed case review and monthly for performance assessment. The Junior Associate will also have feedback on their professionalism, communication, and medical management from staff including nursing, referring physicians, and administration on a quarterly basis. The evaluations and monthly meeting notes will be reviewed mid-year to modify the second half of the training year as needed. The Senior Associates will corroborate feedback throughout the year and in the final analysis will review them with the Junior Associate before they enter independent general surgery practice.

Education activities will be available in the form of M&M, pig labs, simulator training, and the ATOM course. The Junior Associate will also cover a different practice management topic each month.

Senior Associate

Jennifer E. Mihalik, MD, FACS

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