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Arizona Premier Surgery, Phoenix

Phoenix, AZ

Number of Positions Offered: 1

Contact Information

Mastery in General Surgery Program Chief

Albert Amini, MD, MBA, FACS

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8415 N. Pima Road, Suite 280
Scottsdale, AZ 85258


Arizona Premier Surgery

Program Highlights

After the initial two-week period of close observation by the Program Chief, the Junior Associate will act as a junior partner in the general surgery department. Additional rotations in endocrine surgery, robotic surgery, hepatobiliary surgery, and GI surgery will be available depending on assessment, skill level, and future job/practice desires. The first 6 months will be to strengthen skills and to allow for independent practice. The second 6 months will be to function as junior partner and build an outpatient practice while mastering the inpatient general surgery practice.

Program Description

Incoming Junior Associates will undergo an initial, two-week period of close observation by the Program Chief. The Program Chief will then complete an evaluation with subsequent clinical experience specifically designed to address the strengths and needs of the Junior Associate. Based on the results of the evaluation, additional focus will be provided in outpatient, inpatient, or emergency room evaluation and additional operative experience can be provided in a variety disciplines.

The Junior Associate will be placed in the general surgery ER call pool and will take general surgery call as an attending with graduated autonomy. Focused, tailored, elective experiences in subspecialties such as endocrine, robotic, hepatobiliary, and GI/minimally invasive surgery will be offered and completed as desired during the first half of the year. Throughout the entire year, the Junior Associate will have their own outpatient clinic to see consults to develop an elective component to their practice, and also to perform minor office procedures. The entire year will be focused on general surgery by taking general surgery ER call and by working in the general surgery department with other general surgeons. Although the first half of the year will have opportunities for elective rotations, the second half of the year will be focused on bread and butter elective and emergent general surgery with the goal of complete autonomy by months 6-9.

Junior Associate responsibilities include patient evaluation and management, operative intervention, postoperative follow-up, and billing. They will have access to a back-up general surgery attending the entire year but with less direct contact as the year progresses.

The Junior Associate will have the opportunity to learn practice management skills to include billing and coding, operational office issues, personnel management, and health care teamwork management. During this time the Junior Associate will be assigned clinic time for his or her own patients and be responsible for assigning billing codes for consults, operations, and outpatient office billing. The Junior Associate will function as a junior partner and conduct monthly financial reviews consistent with standard practice in the department.

At the end of every month, the Junior Associate will receive in-person feedback by the Program Chief and Senior Associates. This will include feedback on patient interactions, clinical judgement, clinical knowledge, operative skill, and goals for improvement.

The final assessment will be a review of months 7–12, during the independent phase of the program, and the conclusion of planned goals. It will include the Junior Associate’s ability to conduct clinical care in all aspects (billing, preoperative evaluation, ER consults, operative technique, postoperative care and outpatient management). This will allow the Junior Associate to have a clear understanding of their strengths as they transition to independent practice. We will also work with their first job for a smooth transition.

Senior Associates

Marcie D. Leeds, MD - General Surgery
Philip T. Pepple, MD - Hepatobiliary Surgery
Bianca Vazquez, MD, FACS - Endocrine Surgery