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Prior to Your CME Meeting

Pre-application must be submitted to the American College of Surgeons (ACS) prior to the start of the planning of the activity.
  • Upon approval, planning committee disclosures, activity planning form, and final application are e-mailed.
  • Disclosure forms are completed by Planning Committee prior to the first planning meeting.
  • The activity planning form is completed and submitted to ACS with final application.
  • ACS must approve all materials prior to print that pertain to exhibits, marketing, and advance brochures.
  • Final joint providership application is submitted to ACS three months prior to activity.
  • Upon ACS approval, forms and templates are e-mailed to non-accredited society (NAS).
  • NAS is responsible for completion of speaker disclosure forms, and potential conflicts of interest (COI) are managed by a designated official using the ACS COI management form.
  • All disclosure and management forms are sent to ACS prior to the meeting.
  • Completion of a disclosure form at the meeting is not permitted.
  • Educational grant license of agreements sent to ACS for signature prior to the meeting.
  • Final program book copy, evaluation forms, and CME certificates are submitted to ACS for approval prior to print.
  • On-site disclosure summary form (if not printed in program book) completed and copy submitted to ACS for approval prior to activity.

ACS Joint Providership Program Pre-Application