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Maintaining AEI Accreditation

Reaccreditation Process

American College of Surgeons Accredited Education Institutes (ACS-AEIs) are accredited for a period of three years. In order to maintain accreditation, each institute must apply for reaccreditation at the end of their three-year accreditation period. The process for reaccreditation is similar to applying for initial accreditation.

ACS staff will send the reaccreditation application and instructions to each institute toward the end of their term of accreditation. Institutes complete and return the application, a site survey is conducted by one ACS-approved surveyor, and the application and survey report are reviewed by the Accreditation Review Committee in order to determine the level of compliance an institute has achieved in each criterion and to make an accreditation decision.

Annual Reports

All institutions accredited as either Comprehensive or Focused AEIs are required to complete an annual report in the fall of each year. The AEI is expected to pay an annual fee, except when the institute is undergoing reaccreditation. The annual fee is used to support ongoing maintenance and enhancement of the program, and activities of the Consortium not related to the process of accreditation. Your institution will be sent the appropriate invoice for the annual fee along with information on submitting your annual report. Annual Reports are submitted electronically to staff.